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Selena: The Series (2020)
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6.6/10 IMDB Rating 428 Views

Selena: The Series (2020)

Late Tejano singer Selena as her dreams come true, and her family makes life-changing choices on the singer's journey to success.
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    I was looking forward for this show and so far, I'm enjoying it. Before anything, for all people out there saying "the actress doesn't look like Selena, her hair doesn't look like Selena's" .. just do a little research and you'll find out that Selena actually had pretty curly hair and in her earlier years she did rock her curls! Only later she started to style her hair in a different way. You'll see that her hair curls and color actually looked like that before... Later on in the show you'll see she changes her style as she matures and becomes a woman! I am, like many people, a huge fan of the movie with JLo, but obviously they speeded up in order to make a 2 hours movie about her life, the series portrays a more detailed and slower paced timeline. So they actually did a great job by showing her hair like that. Just give it some time because the series is showing her earlier years and the process of her becoming the Selena we know. Yes, there are some negative aspects, but I think that it's overall consistent and well portrayed. Sometimes the acting isn't the best performance, but it isn't THAT bad either. Obviously the actress can't dance as JLo, hasn't the same curves as JLo , but she's good and as far as I know, Selena's family chose and approved her to play Selena... That has to mean something. Just enjoy the series for what it is. Don't compare to the movie. It's a different kind of magic and it's great that her memory is being honored.

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